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Better health care invironment increase rate of recovery


Better working Environment boost staff morale

About Renew hospitals Foundation

Renew Hospitals Foundation is Non- profit Organisation and was formed in july 2018.  Thembi Mulaudzi is the founder and corporate executive of Renew Hospitals Foundation.  later in 2019 she was joined by Shirley Macebele (financial adviser), Louisa van wyk ( projects manager) and Mmpo Mudzanani  (civil engineer). Foundation was formed to address the not in good state of Our public health care facilities in partnership with Tembcoat Projects (as main donor).

We as foundation in partnership with Tembcoat Projects, has taken a stance to assist wherever we can,to bring back appealing looks of Our health care facilities. The Foundation rely on funding from members of society, and both public and private organisations  sectors across the country to fulfill its mandate.


Your contribution today, can make a difference 

South Africa on NHI


South Africa is in the process of introducing an innovative system of healthcare financing with far reaching consequences on the health of South Africans. The National Health Insurance commonly referred to as NHI will ensure that everyone has access to appropriate, efficient and quality health services. It will be phased-in over a period of 14 years.


This will entail major changes in the service delivery structures, administrative and management systems.” (HST.org.za, 2014) In the service delivery model outlined in the NHI Green Paper (2012) NHI services will be provide through all existing healthcare facilities in South Africa supplemented where appropriate.


Services will potentially be delivered from both the public and private sectors with the bulk of services continuing to be provided through the government network of facilities. Significant work will be required to ensure that all facilities can cater for the expanded range of services envisaged under NHI, to bring facilities up to the standards required and ensure that they can be readily and cost effectively managed and maintained at the required standard.


Standards will be monitored by the Office of Standards Compliance. So with the current state of Our public health facilities, can this be possible? Surely not, However with your R10 donation this can be possible



Our public health facilities need enhancements or refurbishment


We can make the impossible possible by Donating R10 or More through Our bank account below.

How is going to work?










Renew Hospitals Foundation in partnership with Tembcoat Projects (as main donor) currently have an agreement on carrying out some project's or renovations activities that soon will be happening in all Our public health facilities.

This will be done in line with Renew Hospitals Foundation work ethic and it will be in partnership with Hospital management planners or designers.


Healthcare facilities need to be designed so that all access pathways, circulation and facilities are fully enabled for those with any form of disability. A larger proportion of those using health services than average in the normal population will be impaired in one way or another, either on a temporary or a permanent basis.


It is therefore essential that access to the site, movement on the site and access to buildings is well considered to ensure the access pathways are fully enabled for both the impaired as well as the unimpaired population





We welcome all members of public to make this happen, it can be either by your helping hand's (trade) or financial support. Feel free to call us for more details.

Hospitals provide the primary setting for the delivery of health care services. For patients the setting is important – patients expect an environment that will enable effective treatment for their condition, that will be pleasant and promote healing and that will be safe. While patient episodes of care are generally infrequent and of relatively short duration, the quality of the environment and experience can significantly influence both their physical and mental wellbeing as well as their rate of recovery.


In contrast the hospital environment is the permanent place of work for staff. Their experience must ensure that they are enabled to carry out their duties in the most effective way possible. Good quality environments can positively enable delivery and lead to more effective patient outcomes while poor quality environments can lead to patient and staff frustration, both compromise service delivery and patient outcomes and increase the cost of service delivery.